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6 Cheapest Areas to Buy Apartments in Dubai This 2020

Getting an apartment in Dubai (whether via rent or acquisition) is very expensive. A lot of people try to look for cheap apartments for sale in Dubai. Fortunately, there are areas in the capital that offers annual rent for cheap. In these areas, you can get a deal for as low as AED 20,000 or lower. Take note that most inexpensive renting opportunities are usually given on studio-type infrastructures.…

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Thailand Property Market Outlook 2020

The majority of property buyers in Thailand today have a positive outlook on the market. There are lots of important factors that affect Thailand’s real estate market. Recently, there is less to no borrowing in the foreign property market in Thailand, which is good news for the market. As the significant changes in Thailand’s property market took place this 2019, it is expected that in 2020, the effects of these new rules will be felt in the first quarter.

Foreign investors came to buy Thailand property, hence increased in demand along with global money creation, which has driven the Thai property price higher. The higher prices are welcome for those who bought in the last decade.…